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Goal Oriented

Be proactive instead of reactive. Set yearly goals and witness your progress onscreen, so that you can go for gold without procrastinating or losing motivation.


To do away with searching and jumping between pages, Gocus follows a “What you see is what you get” philosophy so that everything is exactly what it seems to be.

Cold, Hard Results

Gocus gets you there. For real. It doesn’t only look good on paper, but also stands by you and empowers you in your journey to success, every step of the way.

Today’s To-Do

Got a lot going on? Get it all done without getting lost in your portfolio. The Today view lists the day’s schedule with clickable items smartly laid out for efficient tasking.

Task, at Hand

See all your daily tasks in one central location, and tend to the focus actions that help you achieve your goals. You can even monitor and gauge your performance.

Smart Scheduling

Beyond allowing managers’ to see agent tasks, progress, productivity and reports, Gocus also auto-creates follow-up action plans to keep the connection.

How Do You Do?

Get accurate statistics on bottom-line results per lead, meeting, call, etc. Gocus can even predict a dollar value/closure average based on your current success rate.

Anywhere Access

Stay on top of things from virtually anywhere. Gocus is web-based for access from any internet-capable device, and companion mobile apps go wherever you do.

Powerful Reporting

Users and managers can run detailed metric reports on the individual and comparative levels, review cases, compare months and members, and even generate statistics.

Hierarchy Oversight

Managers can view agent dashboards, set tasks, schedule coaching meetings for goal-setting, and even see a report of whom to congratulate on a job well done.

No learning curve

Gocus is built on a foundation of simplicity, functionality and usability. So although there’s some serious power under the hood, the UI needs no instruction manual.

Noninvasive Management

For corporations with multiple levels of management, access is granted at and below the user’s level. So mangers can work only with agents assigned to them.

Ease of Use

Every last feature was given careful consideration. No unnecessary noise means that even the most non-technically apt can enjoy a user-friendly experience.

Goes well together

As part of our commitment to our clients, the end users, we’ve written Gocus in modern code that allows for increased flexibility and scalability down the line. The system also features a REST API that lets our first-party solution play nice and integrate seamlessly with other third-party software. You can even run them parallel to each other, and have them communicate effectively with zero human input. There is just a small initial setup stage, in which the Gocus team will help get you up and running.

API Documentation

On the move? Keep going.

Not only is Gocus web-based for unfettered access from any device with an Internet browser, we have designed a pair of sleek, intuitive mobile companion apps for android and iOS smartphones and tablets. While limited to a mobile interface for agents at time of launch, these apps are being updated regularly so they may become as fully functional as the web app.

Gotta see it for yourself?

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Minimum 5 users

Starting as low as


per user / month

Package includes:
Agents X 5 Users
Managers X 2 Users
1 free training session
  • $25 - Additional Agents
  • $75 - Additional Managers

Minimum 50 Users

Starting as low as


per user / month

Package includes:
Agents X 50 Users
Managers X 5 Users
3 free training sessions
  • $20 - Additional Agents
  • $65 - Additional Managers

Minimum 100 Users

Starting as low as


per user / month

Package includes:
Agents X 100 Users
Managers X 10 Users
5 free training sessions
  • $15 - Additional Agents
  • $50 - Additional Managers