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Exciting Product News: Mobile App, Gocus 1.1 Coming Soon.

Thank you all for your support and love! Your feedback and encouragement means everything to us, and we are happy to report that we haven’t been sleeping for the past month. In fact, our much-loved mobile app is making its final rounds of beta testing and will launch for public use towards the end of September 2014.

The mobile app has been custom designed from the ground up as the ultimate companion app for Gocus users. It will put the motivational and action-taking power of the full website in the palm of your hand and in the hands of your road warriors. As we like to say, “On the move? Keep going!”

Here is another tidbit of exciting news:

After rolling out our Gocus system to the public, we went back to the drawing board and immediately began the work on new and improved features, better fluidity, and other upgrades that our beta testers had recommended early on.

In January of 2015, after just 5 months on the market, our new version of the Gocus program will be available to all our clients. No hardware or software upgrades will be necessary. All updates will be done on our end of the web-based system, and you’ll simply notice continuous improvements during the course of your use of

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