by alan September 2nd, 2015 0 comments

Is that a "FINALLY!" we’re hearing? 

Yes, you’ve been asking for the Gocus companion app for Android for a long time, and we are so happy to say that we’ve obliged. It’s finally official, and the app is here for Android smartphones, tablets, phablets and other mobile devices. You can expect smooth sailing with Android OS versions 4.1 (Jelly Bean) and up.

Now, dear fandroids, allow us to assure you that we have crafted this app fresh from the ground up. We’ve carefully considered the usage habits that Andoird device users develop, and have thought out every button and every feature to deliver the most intuitiveand user-friendly Gocus experience possible.

Feeding from Gocus’ native ease of use, we’ve made a point of implementing a number of gamification elements—such as onscreen rewards—that will introduce enhanced interactivity into your daily routine and your pursuit of worthy goals. It’s what we’ve promised to do a few months back, and we’ve made good on our word.

The app is now available in the Google Play store, and is free for all members of the Gocus world of doing. You can even click on the Google Play link below to get there in an instant!



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